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We bring you the most comperehensive and versatile RFID package and the best cloud-based POS for the diamond and jewelry industry.

Streamlined POS

Secure, cloud-based, available anytime, anywhere. Easy-to-use and highly customizable features.

Full-Featured Solution

Manage customers and suppliers, track sales and performance, and so much more.

Track Your Inventory Anywhere

Mobility and flexibility to track items on the go.

Fast Stock-Takes and Powerful Search

Use best-of-breed RFID technology to quickly scan your inventory and find items effortlessly, while eliminating errors.

Easy to Use All-in-One Solution

One simple and powerful solution allows you the flexibility to use any RFID technology and make it work the way you want.

Inventory Trend Analysis and Reports

Identify best-sellers and easily make more informed stock decisions.

Personal, One-on-One Support

We’re here to help. Talk to a real person about any concerns and get real answers immediately.

Automatically Access Customer Information

Grow your customer base and build customer loyalty.

  • “TJS ZeroShrink is, without a doubt, the best solution I have seen.” ~ Scott Miller, Anglo Diamonds

  • "It cuts my workload tenfold. Inventory used to take me 3-4 hours. I can now do it in 20 minutes. It's wonderful!" ~ Lindsey Hecht, IGC Group

  • "Not only has the implementation of RFID allowed us to have daily counting and tracking data, the biggest value is zero shrink on tagged inventory." ~ Devon Larsen, Borsheims

  • “Love your product. Inventoried over 1600 item in less than 10 minutes.” ~ Leigh Jay Nacht, Leigh Jay Nacht Inc.

  • “It has reduced the time of taking inventory by at least five times.” ~ Wei Ming Chen, R.S. Nazarian

  • “The system paid for itself in the first two months. Because of ZeroShrink, we were able to recover a loss of $2800 the same day! Without it, there would be no way.” ~ Scott Goldstein, Super Pawn Jewelry & Loan LLC

  • “This is a no brainer. You will save on time and effort, not to mention balancing inventory. It's quick, easy to operate, and the results are proven." ~ Garry Zimmerman, Windy City Diamonds

  • “Thanks for your normal, stellar service. That's what keeps me recommending your products to my clients." ~ Gikas Markantonatos, Gem Accountant

  • “The system is running great, Jonathan [manager] is really excited for Inventory (as excited as you can be for Inventory) and witnessing first hand how easy the system is going to make our lives.” ~ Deb Blackwell and Jonathan Florence, Calgary Jewellery