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Stock Take in Minutes

Cut the time it takes to do stock takes several folds. RFID requires no line-of-sight so you can scan many tags in seconds even while they are hidden under trays.

You can even make stock takes faster by using multiple scanners simultaneously.

Track Anywhere

Unlike most RFID systems, ZeroShrink offers the mobility to scan anywhere. On the road with a sales rep, trunk shows, to-and-from the vault.

Know exactly where all of your items are at any time. ZeroShrink reports can be exported to an Excel file.

The Volaré Scanner allows you to scan in batch mode (scan items while disconnected from the software).

The scanner stores the data which is then uploaded the next time you start the software.

On-Demand Visibility

ZeroShrink reports outline in detail any missing, misplaced or stolen items on the next scan. It specifies which employee scanned the item last and the date/time of the last scan.

Daily inventory scans have been proven to reduce shrink, saving thousands of dollars each year.

Leaner Inventory

More frequent stock takes allow you to gather crucial information about your inventory. Uncover aging items and popular items on-demand to help you make better restocking decisions.

Track which items were shown to a customer by placing the jewelry items on the Pad Scanner. Not only is this a great tool for displaying images and item information to your client, it also generates salesperson performance and item show-to-sale ratio.

Learn your item's and your salesperson's show-to-sale ratio.

ZeroShrink Cloud

The world’s best-selling RFID software for the jewelry industry, featuring robust inventory management and POS features, now leverages a cutting-edge Cloud architecture to deliver maximum performance, availability and reliability to its customers.

All ZeroShrink software components are hosted in the ZeroShrink Cloud and are automatically updated for hassle-free deployment and maintenance.

• ZeroShrink (client/in-store) Client application that runs on any PC for inventory management and POS.

• ZeroShrink (mobile) App that runs on any IOS and Android web browser with streamlined features for mobile devices.

• DeviceManager Software component responsible for managing hardware devices including scanners, printers and measuring scales. It runs as a small background web server process and allows the client to personally manage all of their devices.

Cloud Platform

The ZeroShrink server runs on a Cloud platform, which is a highly scalable infrastructure for web applications. This infrastructure includes high availability application servers, fast memory and data cache, automatic load balancing, replication and failover, and virtually unlimited data storage.

Data Security & Storage

Customer data is securely transferred to the Cloud using Secure Sockets Layer, SSL, which is the same highly secure encryption system used by banks and financial institutions. The symmetric encryption keys are encrypted using a master key, which is stored in a secure keystore that is managed and changed regularly by the Cloud hosting provider.

Sensitive data fields like passwords and access card IDs are securely hashed before they are written to the database to ensure that sensitive data cannot be revealed in the unlikely event that the database is compromised.

Clients also have the ability to customize the level of data security that is right for their business. User access can be restricted to certain days and times. For example, owners can restrict a user’s system access to only business hours and only from within the store’s network. These restrictions are made on a user-role basis, so an owner has the flexibility to set up different levels of data access for different sales people, if they so desire.

Data is stored in a relational database with up to 500GB of available space. This capacity limit does not include image and video files which are stored in a separate object storage with virtually unlimited storage.


Data is replicated in many geographic locations, and failover between them is handled automatically so in the unlikely event of an outage in one location, instances will fail over to another available location automatically. This means that application data is safe and always available, even in the very unlikely event of a major failure.


Daily backups are automatically performed and the last 7 backups are kept. More than 7 days can be kept if necessary. Restoring or exporting data can be easily done upon request.


Updates are automatically deployed on a regular basis ensuring that all customers will have access to the latest features, improvements and bug fixes.

Each time the ZeroShrink client application is started, it checks the download repository in the Cloud and alerts the customer if a new version is available. When initiated by the customer, the update is downloaded and installed on the PC automatically. Device Manager updates are also deployed automatically via the Cloud.

System Requirements

• ZeroShrink client supports Windows 7/8.1/10, Mac OS X 10.7+, Linux (openSUSE 11.3+, RHEL 5.6+, Ubuntu 10.04+)
• ZeroShrink mobile client supports iOS 8.1+ and Android 4.4+
• ZeroShrink client is an Adobe AIR application, which requires the Adobe AIR runtime.
• Device Manager is a Java WebStart application which requires the Java 1.7+ runtime.