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ZeroShrink Custom Integration RFID Scanning

RFID Scanning, Inventory Management and Tracking Integration

ZeroShrink’s RFID scanning is already integrated into most of the Point of Sale systems available for jewelers today. For those customer applications that would like to add ZeroShrink’s RFID scanning, inventory management and tracking capabilities, there are a variety of approaches for integration depending on the desired features:


Embed RFID scanning and printing capabilities into any application using DeviceLink, which allows plug-and-play integration of all ZeroShrink devices.

Inventory Management

Utilize ZeroShrink for inventory management and RFID scanning functions side-by-side with any POS or ERP system. Exchange inventory and contact information by exporting and importing via Microsoft Excel.

Track and Trace

Leverage ZeroShrink’s Cloud tracking platform to collect inventory scan activity and report on item lifecycle events, item sales performance, and inventory trends.

The effort required to implement one or more of the above approaches varies depending on the desired features and how natively they will be embedded into the target application. Contact a ZeroShrink representative to discuss your needs and get a better understanding of the effort involved.