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Zeroshrink’s Mobile RFID Advantage

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a form of wireless communication that uses radio waves to identify and track objects. Created by TJS, Zeroshrink is a complete, cost-effective inventory tracking and hosted service designed to help jewelers eliminate shrinkage with 100% accuracy. Our mobile RFID system offers a level of ease, flexibility and value that simply cannot be matched by traditional systems that involve rigging displays with expensive and outdated fixed tracking equipment.

Speed and Accuracy

Zeroshrink’s mobile RFID solution combines wireless scanners with tamper evident RFID tags that affix to jewelry. Simply by waving a handheld, mobile, high-speed scanner over the display case, retailers can collect inventory information for immediate stock counts and daily shrinkage reports in minutes, as opposed to time-consuming and inaccurate manual tracking methods. Information collected on each item includes: location, description, price, who conducted the scan and when.

Theft Deterrent

If an item is removed from the case, it cannot be counted and therefore is immediately reported as missing. Scanning inventory in the morning and evening effectively works to achieve zero shrink versus quarterly or annual inventory counts. What’s more, the tamper resistant tags cannot be “fake counted.”


Inventory data is immediately transmitted via Bluetooth to a palm-sized mini PC. Users can perform inventory scans as they walk around the store without the need of a separate laptop or a computer mounted to a cart.


In addition to the vast savings in set up costs for outdated, fixed tracking systems, Zeroshrink’s mobile tracking allows jewelers to meet growing customer demand featuring on-demand visibility for better stock decisions including trend analysis and reporting. The ZeroShrink approach also reduces jewelry handling, eliminating fingerprints and potential damage.

High Tech Meets Highly Personalized Service

Zeroshrink’s combination of RFID-based mobile scanning, innovative software and hosting service offers jewelers the ability to recoup thousands of dollars in revenue that may otherwise have been lost to shrink. With Zeroshrink, the entry cost is low, the installation is simple, the user expertise is minimal and our 24-hour personal service team is always there to help with every question and concern, every step of the way.